Reduce your elctricity bill - Solar Energy Solutions for home & commercial properties

Premier Brands provides energy solutions to take homes and businesses completely or partially off the national electricity grid. The solutions combine photo-voltaic (PV) cells, also referred to as solar panels (solar power), and lithium iron or normal batteries. Choose to go completely or partially off grid. Reduce your power consumption, reduce your electricity bill, keep the lights and security systems on when the power grid goes down. Home solar and commercial solar solutions are available.

How do we determine the best backup, partial or complete off grid power solution?

Step 1 - Energy Audit

Analytical services to determine electricity usage by duration and power drawn

Step 2 - Product Choice

Choosing the right combination of products to reduce electricity usage

Step 3 - The Solution

Energy Saving Solution

The right solution to meet your energy saving requirements

Energy savings begin by managing energy usage more efficiently. That includes the time various appliances are used as well as using more energy efficient products, e.g. LED lights, lithium iron batteries etc. To assist in making the most cost effective choices to meet your goals Premier Brands conducts a comprehensive energy audit before choosing the right products to deliver and install the correct solution.

Electricity Saving Solutions - Battery and Solar

Backup to a standard battery

The batteries have a finite life and only used to power critical services when the power grid goes down. 

Backup to a Lithium Iron battery

The battery can be charged using the national power grid and discharged regularly.

Partial Off Grid using Solar Energy

Power from the grid and / or solar is used to charge batteries. Once sufficiently charged power is drawn from the batteries.

Completely Off Grid using Solar Energy

Batteries are charged using solar energy and energy then drawn from the batteries. The national power grid is not required.

Backup solutions using Lithium Iron batteries allow for an upgrade path and can be charged using the national grid or solar panels. Start small and, over time, decrease dependency on the national grid.

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One size does not fit all.

Premier Brands implements a detailed analysis process to determine accurate electricity usage.
From installing our own meters and comparing the results to your utility bill to monitoring peak and less busy periods. 
Home solar and commercial solar solutions are available.