Become Independent

Minimise your electricity costs. The energy flow can be controlled efficiently and as it is needed in your company by intelligently coordinating energy generation and consumption.


Inverters are the core element between solar modules and the power grid and convert the direct current of the modules into alternating current.

Battery Storage System

A commercial storage system takes advantage of solar power produced during the day and makes it available precisely when it is most profitable for your company.


Premier Brands Energy Solutions

Tailored energy services

Residential Solutions

With solar solutions from Premier Brands you can use the energy of the sun throughout your home and beyond.

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Commercial Solutions

Take your power supply and energy management into your own hands with the power of the sun and intelligent storage solutions. We will show you how easy it can be!

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Plan your own System

Find out how much solar power your roof-mounted system can produce in a year, what amount of electricity you can use, and how this will help you lower your energy costs.

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Don't take our word hear what our client's say!

Owner - Manufacturing Sector

Our electricity bill was always through the roof. We can now work off grid with our new energy solution. Thank you Andre & team!

Owner - Beauty Industry

Running a business these days present many challenges. Now loadshedding is not one of them anymore!

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